War Machine (screenshot)

This shows the rocket before it lifts off

The main gimmick is that you have to go through this rocket to change between Demo and Sheath. This level has three parts. The "normal" exit takes up most of the space and goes all the way to the top, ending with a leek. The "secret" exit branches at the midpoint and ends with a leek. The "extra" exit occurs in the first few screens and is the fastest to get, but probably the hardest to find. It also ends with a leek.

Notes for testing

I think the main information I need is whether or not I did the exits correctly.

Download link


Everything is vanilla from A2MBXTDevKit.

Testing Episode 2

VIDEO REVIEW: [Rejected] - Pyro, 30 September 2015

[REJECTED] - This level is far too hard. The blue switch block section is idiotically cramped. The level is too long given its hardness. Oh and the secret exit is wholly unsuitable for the level. The level's gimmick is keep up with the machine. The secret exit requires the player to ignore the machine. The player doesn't have any incentive to explore, so no player will explore and find that blue sack. Oh and there's no blue sack filter. - Ztarwuff, 07 Nov 2015.


It's possible to die with the filter in the current kit. Should be replaced with LunaDLL filter. Septentrion (talk) 06:37, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

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