Semi-difficult level made by the user 'Wohlstand' where you will ride on the electric train.


What about railways

Some Details

  • All characters are able to complete the level.
  • LunaLUA+SDL and triggers.lua (before v1.4.1), midpoints.lua (since 1.4.2) are required.
  • To launch a train, you need to hit a special block.
  • Here is a 4 stations (If necessary, I will rename them):
    • 1) Long Field Station (Starts here)
    • 2) Cloudy station (Don't forget open gas!)
    • 3) Mountain station (Exit here, but to open them you need to defeat a Hooligan trio on 4th station)
    • 4) Depot
  • Don't edit level by SMBX (use SMBX to play/test only, but without re-saving)
    • Used blocks with a non-standard sizes which able with manual edits of LVL file or by PGE Editor which automatically mapping size to non-sizable blocks directly from image size.
    • Resaving of level with SMBX will cause missing of background objects Z-Order.
  • Level can be used as two-side warp between world map points. You need to set up coordinates of warp-1 (section 2) and warp-19 (Section 7). Use PGE Editor to make it convenient, fast and safe. (Use the [ View -> Warps and Doors ] menu item and select target warp from list). If you don't plan to use level as two-way warp, remove or lock the warp-1 to deny exit from start place.
  • When you will take leek, level will have altered atmosphere:
    • Sky will be changed to night background
    • Between 2'nd and 7'th sections will appear a gray pipe which connect first and second warp exits to allow two-way warp after taking of leek. You will can use this pipe to skip walk-throw of level area and get opposite warp exit.
    • All main actors and hooligan bosses will disappear, so boss fight will no more need after taking of leek.
    • In the repair center train will disappear, depot staff will stay at a table and to have rest, trash which was about door will be organized into pyramid on the room center.


Train - is a pixel drawing of the real train ER-2 Electric trainset

Change log

    • Fixed lunadll.lua file: fixed wrong usage of multipoints.lua library.
    • Spelling/grammar fixes
    • Making tree crowns at first section begin be foreground (editing of LVL directly will lose this effect. To edit file need to modify LVLX version and then save LVL as final version)
  • 1.4.2
    • Added multiple check points usage (Multipoints.lua): one check point per station, total three check points
    • Added "Minstrels song (Remake)" music made by me based on original "Minstrels song" MIDI file
    • All custom graphics are replced with their source PNG sprites since LunaLUA supports them natively
    • Vegetables are replaced with iron trash
  • 1.4.1
    • Tiny bug fixes (girl shouldn't be in basement of third station after leek has been taken)
    • Extanded boss fight area
    • lunadll.lua was updated: triggers.lua was replaced with 'onEvent()' event since for LunaLUA 0.6
  • 1.4
    • Fixed slope when gas pipe disappears
    • Fixed able to enter into blocked with green block door to prevent trap
    • Exit pipe now hidden before you will grab leek
    • Added warning to prevent wrong saving of file
    • Midpoint moved into fourth station
    • Spell/Grammar check of messages
    • Added donut blasters into the boss fight
    • Added protector to prevent walking on sky
    • Fixed volume of sounds
    • Total size was reduced with replacement of WAW with OGG sounds
    • Added music "Subway"
    • Added alternate night theme which enabling when leek is taken
    • Now this level can be used as two-way warp between world map points. First time level should be completed, In next time is available short way via gray pipe.
  • 1.3
    • Fixed train's stop position on third and fourth stations
    • Tiny change of railway deadlock on fourth station
    • Removed some clicks and people voices from train-stop.wav sound
  • 1.2
    • Added using of LunaDLL with LUA
    • Train now play sounds! (need a triggers.lua library)
    • Exit replaced with takable leek and pipe exit
  • 1.1
    • Coins which going over track moved up
    • Fixed some missed BGO
    • More bricks in depot
    • Removed magenta switch from third station, because is not need
    • Magenta locked block of pipe was replaced with green on third station


Amazing level, but where's the midpoint?

This is probably one of the best levels I've played so far, but I really feel as if there needs to be at least a midpoint somewhere, maybe checkpoints at every station (not counting the depot). Also, maybe change the throwable veggie plants to rocks or something? Otherwise, marking approved. -SAJewers | 21:28 ADT, October 24, 2015

Approved by Pyro

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 15 2015) (EDIT - I apparently have an outdated version)

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