Wood Zone

A pretty standard forest level. Not too hard, fit for a world 1-3 probably. Quite a few NPCs to talk to, with a somewhat adventurous and relaxing feeling.

Author: Netosmar

Theme: Forest

Exit: SMB3 Normal Exit

Leeks: None

Raocoins: Yes

Restrictions: None

1-ups: 3


Approved by me if you add a midpoint and do something for those cutoff vines. You can for example add palm tree leaves on top of them. -Willhart.  Approved. -Willhart

Things I would fix

  • Since the strandard graphic of a 3up moon has turned into a yellow-like radish, I would either change what that npc says at the beginning, or insert the moon as a custom graphic and make it look like a moon. Since at the moment it doesn't really make sense with the A2MBXT devkit.
  • I would add some coins for collecting at the disco shell part, so it looks not as bland. 
  • The secret at the end is a bit too easy to discover by accident, but then again that might be on purpose.
  • I would probably change the music for the bonus room, it doesn't seem to fit at the moment.

Grammatical Errors I found:

  • "Oh mang, I'm lost in the woods!"
  • er... "pretty fun stuffs."?
  • In the sentence "you can have some stuff, then!", there's no comma after 'stuff'.

Other than that, it's a really easy-peasy World 1 level. Approved after some changes.

-sturgyman 5:28 PM 8/6/2013 (MDT)

I approve.  An easy level.  Not much else to say.


Okey doke, approved by me. 

Wait, what's that? Three approvals? That's crazy. To celebrate, let's head on to the Approved level milk and bar for a night out.


5:15 PM 8/20/2013 (MDT)

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